Email marketing

Did you know that email marketing is the most profitable online marketing channel while at the same time it is free of costs? 

  • Most people check their email on a daily basis.
  • The email list used for your newsletters is owned by you and no one can suspend it since your subscribers have given you the right to send them newsletters.
  • Out of all digital channels email marketing shows a steady and impressive average return on investment (ROI).

Now you know why we are willing to take over and manage your email marketing efforts

As marketing specialists we constantly observe your growing mailing list, refine it to keep the prospective customers, segment these customers depending on their intent, come up with attractive lead magnets to further grow this list and build a newsletter strategy that aims in increasing your mail open rates as well as conversion rates.

Truly successful email marketing needs constant refining of the targeting, the scheduling and A/B testing the newsletters’ content. We love to implement newsletter plans and keep track of the analytics and performance in order to choose the best strategies that suit your business.


We are here to help you build a strong customer base that will care for your brand and will be loyal at all times to your business.

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