Facebook and Instagram Ads

With more than two billion people using Facebook and nearly one billion people surfing in Instagram every month, Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers and retarget visitors of your website.

Brand awareness

By utilizing ad creatives and ad texts within Facebook ads, compiling the right mixture of audience targeting and bidding strategy and constantly monitoring our efforts, we succeed in making your brand recognizable to more and more people in a consistent and targeted way.


Customer acquisition

We investigate and A/B test your Facebook/Instagram ads as well as the audience targeting in order to attract users that are most likely to convert and stay engaged with your business. Our approach is strategic and tailor made to your business model and the product/service you offer.

Visitors retargeting

Or remarketing, is the procedure of gathering the visitors of your website (anonymously and respecting the GDPR rules), segmenting them depending on their intent (simple visitor, visitor that added a product to basket but did not purchase, etc.) and showing them relevant ads in order to convince them to convert. We as specialists can determine the most profitable remarketing user groups to target and increase your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).


Product dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is one of the most profitable campaigns in Facebook ads. We set up your account so that your audience will see custom tailored ads about products they have viewed / added to basket, leading them back to your eshop to complete the purchase.

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