Many B2B and Lead Generation businesses utilize the Google Ads feature “Lead form asset” (formerly known as Lead form extension) to attract people to fill in their contact details.

An example of this feature is shown in the image below.

The regular Search ad appears with an additional clickable snippet below which mentions “Get Offer – B2B Sales contact form”.

The user clicks this snippet and a popup form appears. Then the user can fill in contact details and submit the form.

A thank you page appears and the user is prompted to either enter the business’ website or continue searching in Google.

If your business uses a popular CRM tool like Hubspot, the performance marketing expert can link Google Ads to it so that each lead’s contact details filled in a Lead form asset are passed directly (in real time) to Hubspot so that your sales agent can take up the potential customer from that point on.

However, a lot of businesses do not use such CRM tools for which Google Ads provides built-in integration. Due to this someone must manually every now and then log in the Google Ads platform and download a list of the leads.

This causes time lag and lost leads which means lost customers!


The solution

In Click-wise we possess the technical know-how to create custom automations that push those leads in real time from Google Ads to:

  • the CRM you use (provided that it ticks some technical requirements that are needed)
  • a Google Sheets online file that is accessible at any time from your sales agent

Below you can see an example with a test we did in real time via the Google Ads interface.

We submitted a lead ad asset form with dummy/test data (which Google Ads provides us with – see second screenshot) and we received those data instantly in our Google Sheets file.

The conclusion

If you are interested in such detailed, timely and technical strategies & implementations in order to invest your advertising budget in the optimal way and boost your business performance,

feel free to reach us any time and address to us your business challenge!