Google Ads

Google ads consist of several types of ads like Search, Display, Shopping, App and YouTube. The three types of ads most companies use are the following: 

  • Google search ads are the various text ads you see on the top of Google search results that are labeled with the title “Ad” next to the URL link.
  • Google display ads are banner ads that are delivered via various websites that host them on the sidebar or between elements.
  • Google shopping ads appear usually on top of Google search results and show a carousel of products from different companies accompanied by an image, a price and a URL link.

Google search ads

Google search ads operate sort of like the Stock Exchange. You want your business to appear when users search for a certain keyword. Your competitors most likely want the same. 

So, all of you set up a text ad each and bid on this specific keyword. Simply put, Google collects the text ads and the biddings, compares the quality of the text ads and the biddings and sorts the ranking based on the best combinations. Then your text ad appears on the respective position that Google gave you on the Google search results for this keyword and you get billed per click that users make.

Your business’ overall performance depends on the choice of keywords to be targeted, the choice of biddings, the quality of the text ads for each keyword, but also of numerous other complex factors.

In Click-wise, we study your business model, perform a thorough market research, analyze the data to observe details and patterns and set up an optimized strategy to achieve the best ROI (Return On Investment) on these Google auctions.


Google display ads

For this type of ads you also get billed per click with the difference that these ads consist of a banner and are delivered to various positions (placements) in several websites that are used as hosts.

Once again the choice of settings combined defines how optimal your performance will be on the Display Network. Keep also in mind that display ads are a great way of promoting brand awareness since these ads are delivered massively and at a lower average cost compared to search ads.

We are able to cherry pick the ad banners, A/B test them through time, refine the audience targeting as well as the placements targeting in order for your brand to acquire the best chances of reaching the right audience at the right time.

Google shopping ads

This relatively new feature of Google ads has entered the digital advertising space aggressively at the top of Google’s search results. If your business sells products, this type of ad is certainly a must.

For this ad to run optimally there is the need of good collaboration between the marketer and the developer. Shopping ads depend on a file (“product feed”) that is created by a developer and contains all your products and all their relevant data. The format of the file and the daily updating of the data (i.e. prices) is crucial. The marketer uses this file to set up the shopping ads and define the settings.

Click-wise experts not only optimize the settings for the shopping ads, but also communicate and consult the developers in order for the product feed to be created and monitored in the best way possible.


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