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to your business

In the beginning, we study thoroughly your business model to understand in depth the key performance indicators, the strengths, the weaknesses and the OPPORTUNITIES ahead of you. Then we propose the most appropriate digital marketing plan and proceed to fine tune the following.

Google ads

We create the most suitable campaign structure for your purpose, optimize its performance by deploying all available technical features that Google provides and elevate your ad account with custom tweaks that we develop ONLY FOR YOU. Specifically, we use Shopping, Search and Display ads to:

  • Increase brand awareness & acquire new customers
  • Retarget website visitors & non purchasers
  • Perform keyword research & refine targeting
  • Set up dynamic ads & make use of personalization in ad copies
  • Perform A/B testing for ads & bidding strategies
  • Micro-opt all necessary elements & pay attention to key details

Facebook & Instagram ads

We set up your Facebook business ad account and all of its settings to gain the best possible results out of it. So both in the main feed of Facebook & Instagram platforms as well as in the Stories section, we deliver QUALITY and strive for ENGAGEMENT & SALES through the following:

  • Static banners & product/service carousels
  • Acquisition as well as Remarketing campaigns
  • Dynamic product remarketing campaigns – to show website visitors the products they are looking for
  • Lead generation ads to grow your subscribers list
  • Utilize our expertise to calibrate the campaign’s budgeting, targeting, appearance and scheduling to achieve our goals

Social media & email marketing

We suggest, draft, schedule and monitor your posts in all the popular Social Media platforms that your digital presence is REQUIRED FOR SUCCESS. We also ESTABLISH your BRAND by building inspiring newsletters for your subscribers. How? Take a peek below. We:

  • Sense what your customer base needs and wants
  • Mirror it to imaginative Creatives and Copies
  • Schedule posts to keep your audience updated & faithful to you
  • Draft static & dynamic newsletters, A/B test them and automate their delivery to increase open rates and make your subscribers to love you even more

SEO audit & consulting

Apart from short term achievements, LONG TERM goals are met with patience and persistent strategies. Your organic ranking in Google’s search results is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to us. For the sake of your business we take up the following:

  • Audit your website to highlight pain-points or neglected opportunities
  • Give advice on how to move forward with a robust SEO strategy
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest trends & best practices

Special care & innovations

We do not limit our brain and imagination to common methodologies. After we “feel” your business, we are always looking for INNOVATIVE WAYS to help you elaborate with daily tasks and focus on cutting costs and increasing your profits. We use programming to take you a step further. Some examples are:

  • Automations to recurring time consuming tasks
  • Integrations to existing tools
  • Synergies among different tools & platforms
  • Growth hacking techniques

Data analytics & reporting

All of our efforts sum up and reveal the results in TAILORED REAL TIME REPORTS that you have access and together we get to discuss, reach to conclusions about your business performance and prepare our future actions. Specifically, we:

  • Provide a custom made real time report for you
  • Perform deep data analysis to reveal useful insights
  • Build custom models to assess data, validate & manipulate them
  • Construct useful data pipelines wherever possible

After taking care of the above, we enjoy observing the ROI increase. But our work is not over. We constantly strive for EVEN MORE SUCCESS by continuing our efforts to monitor and nurture your business' performance.








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