Data analytics and Reporting

Data analysis is a necessity when discussing digital marketing. Our efforts would be useless if we do not collect data that is produced from our marketing actions, analyze them and reach to significant conclusions.

In order to comprehend data and make decisions we need clear visualizations

In Click-wise, we are making this procedure personalized to your business model by creating tailor made reports that depict each aspect of our efforts in clear-to-understand graphs and data tables.

To be always up to date we need not only long term historical but also timely reports.

We provide a custom real time reporting tool in order for you to be aware of the marketing performance any time and we study at significant time intervals the historical performance to adjust our strategy for the following time period.

Moreover, although we focus our analytical thinking in the digital channels, we also keep an eye for opportunities and “things-that-need-attention” that might appear in other sections of your business, providing you commercial consulting and important insights.


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