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Thinking of going digital? We are the partner you need. We deliver both eCommerce and non-eCommerce websites using the latest and most sophisticated features.

Our team uses worldwide recognized tools, WordPress & WooCommerce, to build your website and adjust it to your needs and desires.

What we offer

Website creation from scratch

Communication is our competency. Personalization is our goal. We take up the technical implementation of your website, while simultaneously we give feedback to you about each step we make regarding the appearance of your website as well as the functionalities that it will offer. This way you get to have a direct view and opinion during the process of your website’s creation.

Successful delivery & follow up training

After the successful completion of your website, we hand total access to you and train you (or any employee of yours) in order to be able to handle it on your own. After the training you will be ready to monitor your website and specifically manage your product inventory, the users’ comments, any post that you want to upload (if you decide to have a blog in your website), etc.

Integrations & support

But no need to worry that you will be on your own after our aforementioned tasks are done. We also offer constant support in any of your inquiries or issues that you may encounter. Moreover, we are always eager to develop any additional functionalities/integration that you may need in the future.


Why WordPress & WooCommerce?


Any modifications are easily and quickly applied in most cases. Personalization is also a big competency of these platforms.


Either desktop or mobile, your website adapts to fit the standards of each device.

SEO friendly

Google and other search engines love WordPress.

User friendly

You will see that after a brief training you will easily navigate and monitor your website.


WordPress is developed with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website.

Open Source

It has been an open-source project since 2003. This means that WordPress is developed by a collection of contributors. Long-term stability is one of the key outputs of this fact.

Fully accessible

Once finished, you are ready to get full control of your website. This is extremely important, since you do not need dedicated developers to monitor your website for you neither do we limit your access to your own website (as companies that provide their own platforms usually do). 

Trusted & Recognized

There’s a reason why over 30% of all websites on the internet use WordPress.

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